Where To Find A Locum Pharmacist?

Where to find a locum pharmacist?

According to the Pharmacy Workforce 2008 census – there were a total of 48,794 pharmacists.  So how do you find a locum pharmacist to work for you?

There are a few places:

  • You could advertise on the Pharmaceutical Journal magazine – however this is only issued once per week, so it will take time to get an advert on, and time before you will get any replies. Useful if you require bookings throughout the year, or block bookings in advance though.
  • You could advertise on the PJcareers.com website – this is a jobs portal specifically for the pharmacy sector – much faster than advertising on the PJ magazine.
  • You could ask for recommendations from other pharmacists or pharmacy owners – one way to network is to go to branch meetings, NHS training meetings,etc and hand a business card to other pharmacists and pharmacy managers. However, they may be unwilling to part with information on their favourite locum pharmacist!
  • (The best answer to where to find a locum pharmacist?) – Go to a reputable locum pharmacist agency.

With a locum pharmacist agency – you can sit back and relax as they figure out where to find a locum pharmacist for you.

You’ll need to find one that’s reputable, professional, and will negotiate a reasonable rate.

Now you may be thinking you have enough cover and you have regular pharmacists who can come in if you take annual leave, so you may be thinking, why would you need a locum pharmacist?

Locum pharmacist agencies are especially useful when you need a pharmacist at short notice, or in an emergency.

They can take the hassle and stress out of the entire process – just iron out the small details of bookings, such as the hourly rate, the rate you’ll pay for each booking and you can be rest assured that they will match up the right pharmacist for you.

Ideally, you want to book a locum pharmacist as far as advance as possible. The closer you leave it to the last minute, the more difficult it becomes to find someone who can cover it. Especially depending on the area you are operating in – most of the pharmacists working in your area may be booked somewhere else.

Having said that, an emergency locum pharmacist could still be available. With the right agency, who have a large portfolio of pharmacists on hand for an emergency, you could still cover something at the last minute.

So the best answer to the question – where to find a locum pharmacist…

Get the right locum pharmacist agency – and they’ll do the finding for you!

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