What Makes A Good Locum Pharmacist?

What makes a good locum pharmacist?

Locum pharmacy may not be for everyone – but certain qualities will make you more likely succeed.

Now, as for the initial stages of actually securing work – this won’t be too difficult.

If you have a few contacts, or manage to secure the services of a very good locum pharmacist agency – you can secure work.

But as for continually getting regular work, for many years to come, without fail? That’s not so easy.

It takes time, experience, patience, as well as a number of other qualities which you pick up during your student and working life.

But here’s just a few things that are in my opinion what makes a good locum pharmacist.

  1. Don’t be lazy!

Some locums have a bad reputation for being lazy and unproductive – they usually don’t tend to last long though. The more willing you are to work, the more the entire pharmacy team will work as a unit.

Remember, there is no “i” in teamwork!

  1. Be organised

Please, please, please don’t double book yourself, forgot about locums or turn up at the wrong pharmacy. Obviously, if you use a locum pharmacist agency, you can reduce the risk of this as much as possible.

And organisation also applies to when you are working as well – try to tie up any loose ends or write clear notes for the next days pharmacist – how would you like it if the previous days pharmacist left the dispensary a total tip, didn’t order patients items, or left repeat prescriptions to the side?

  1. Look presentable

Not rocket science, just look smart and clean. Try to avoid coming to work wearing ripped jeans, T-shirts or having a green, spiky Mohican. After all, this is a professional occupation – and if you look and act like a professional locum pharmacist, you will be treated like one.

  1. Learn the systems

If you’re not familiar with the computer systems or the way in which the dispensary functions in a particular pharmacy – don’t hesitate to visit the pharmacy in advance for a few hours to learn, or ask any questions. Believe me, the pharmacy manager will thank you for taking the time and thought.

Along with this, the advantage of being a locum is you get to know the way in which dispensaries in a wide range of pharmacy’s work. So you get to see the good and the bad ways of working. Very useful knowledge for your future career.

  1. Get accredited

If there are any additional services which you can be accredited for – try to get training for these ASAP. You’re more likely to get repeat work if you can do these – and one key point to what makes a good locum pharmacist – be an all-rounder!

That’s just a few of the secrets to what makes a good locum pharmacist.

Most of these are just common sense, and could probably apply in some form to all occupations, however, with such a professional and responsible job as a locum pharmacist, its even more important.

So start with these, develop your skills, get some experience and watch as you grow and prosper and are thanked for your services as a good locum pharmacist – instead of leaving a trail of unhappy staff and customers are a bad one!


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